Thursday, February 14, 2013

I'll Have a Blue Valentine's Day Without You

I was worried that Ceece might be a bit blue with Sweetheart's Day and her anniversary coming so close together and the Captain gone.   I thought it might be fun to fix her a special dinner and  have the kidlets to wine and dine her. I believe it's important for them to know what goes in to celebrations. We've been getting ready for weeks, and you've seen some of it here and there.  I figured she'd enjoy it more with a couple of other friendly faces, so I asked Gardner E and Ms. Masterartist to join us.

We began with an individualized invitation
Lots of cutesy details.Bugg and I made napkin rings and bracelets. We visited the Dollar Tree and she fancied things up quite a bit on her $5 budget.  By far though, she was the fanciest thing at dinner, in both outfits.  She took orders and served and just about wore herself to a frazzle.

 Missy Bugg adding her pink petals to the table before taking a few outside to toss around.

Though this wasn't Bean's idea of the best of times, he put the luminaries together and helped cut up the garnish.
Bugg, in her evening wear, directed guests to the table and took their drink order.

Bean escorted his Mom inside.

 Gardner E trying on her fancy bangle bracelet.

This was no small order for a kindergarten student to record, but she took taking her mom's order most seriously.

She served every plate to the last.

Then slipped off her fancy dress and collapsed.

The luminaries were beautiful in the dark.

Ms. Masterartist said she could not recall when she had been so Valentined. Well then, success!
Hope your Valentine's Day was sweet.


  1. Your pictures are wonderful and what an Event! I had a nice Valentine's Day but certainly nothing that special! Missy Bugg really does look beautiful in both outfits!

  2. What a sweet party and what an adorable little Hostess. I'm sure the guest of honor will never forget. Happy Valentine's Day wishes to you and your beautiful family.

  3. Too cute! I love both of Bugg's outfits, and the luminaries were a special touch. And the menu to die for!