Saturday, August 25, 2012

Corn Chucking and Creeking

Wow, it must already be Saturday again.  A dear friend is considering the position of instructional assistant, and not a moment too soon.  I feet like I've been drowning since the week before school started.  I will so love having some help.
I have about ten kids who are very high in math. Honestly, they've already mastered most of fifth grade standards in math. I have a handful that are where you would expect them to be and an equal size handful that have not yet mastered fourth grade math.  Keeping them all on track and moving on is exhausting.
 Last night, I came home, took a nap, got up and heated up leftovers, and very soon went back to read the evening away.
Up early this morning to get a package off to the Captain, and then plan meals, wash clothes, grocery, and all the chores the weekend brings.
First though, a bit of reflection on fun.
While the boys were off on an adventure somewhere around the place, the girls, Grandfather and I pulled the very last of the summer corn, and "chucked" it for supper.  Still delicious-sad it is gone.

Giddy-up wanted to travel through the troll tunnel to the creek. He is very into rock throwing.

 Bean found a wood worm that we all needed to take a closer look at.
 I love this picture with the sun shining through the troll tunnel.
 You know that bigger rocks, are, well, bigger, therefore better somehow.

 It is mosquito fighting time. They've been worse than usual all year, but late August is always thick with them and now we've learned West Nile has reached our area. Bah-humbug.  Baby Boy, and Giddy-up are mosquito magnets I fear.
A fun Playdate in spite of the fog of bug repellant.


  1. I'm going to substitute for a teacher on maternity leave. I hope I haven't lost the knack! I went up and conferred with her and helped her with some filing and came home exhausted, and we don't even have kids yet.

  2. That West Nile is scary stuff! We've been dealing with it in So Cal for a few years now and we have to be really carefully not to have standing water anywhere near by -- so be extra careful. You don't need to get sick on top of everything else!

    So glad to hear you may get a teaching assistant. I'll keep my fingers crossed that things get easier.

    1. It is scary when they are every where.
      Thank you!

  3. Love your corn pictures and your creek pictures. You know I envy both. Hope you get your teaching assistant soon. All three kids are back in school. Both girls have the same teachers my grandson had. Mia loves kindergarten but complains there is not enough nap time. Jill is doing great as usual and Jonah has only had one day of middle school since he got very sick and then we had a day off because of the Issac threat. I guess today will be his first real day. My daughter spends a lot of time fixing Mia's hair to cover the scar from the dog bite. Fortunately, Mia doesn't seem to worry too much about it. My heart just wants them all to be OK. That's what comes with being a mom and a grandmother as you know.

    1. Yes, I do know. They spend such a huge part of their waking hours at school. It so needs to be a productive, healthy environment.