Saturday, August 18, 2012

Cherished Chubbiness

Just curious, is there anyone besides me who is weary of dealing with the frustrations of insane folk who have nothing better to do than to create messes for me.  I'm talking here about people who hack or destroy other's computer information, causing me to have to decipher some crammed together, whack-a-mo text in order to leave a reply TO MY OWN MESSAGES, ON MY OWN BLOG!!!!!! I have in the past, literally given up on trying to leave a message on someone's blog because I could never figure out what I was supposed to re-type.
Shall we move on to something more pleasant?
Chubbiness, ah yes, now there is a smile. Sticky, grape juice chubbiness.
I was at Rae's this week, slicing grapes for Giddy-up as fast as I could go, when he spotted my camera and indicated that he wanted to see it. I showed it to him and proceeded to snap a few pictures.  This  picture is too close and blurry, but still captures the idea, though I'm sad it doesn't fully portray the moment, as you can't see the enthusiasim, or hear the smack of the clap, when Rae says, "Time to pray."

Next a big cheesy grin.
So I think I'm done, but alas, the sign for "more,"
coupled with my inability to tell my gramerlings "No," so I continued to snap away and he continued to sign "more."  I love, love, love this stage. I will say again, no one can uncheered by this little sprite.
So, off on another tangent, hold tight.  This is long, because I still don't have an instructional assistant, and may not surface again until, well, who knows when, so I have to get it all down while I'm here.
Did ever I tell you that I have an intense dislike for children's gaming systems?  I believe, whole heartedly, that their one and only attribute is stealing children's minds and attention, oh, and making someone a lot of money. Wait, that's two, but I digress.  I have applauded my children for not having such items for the gramerlings.
So, they grow up running, playing, creeking, drawing, painting, climbing and other such bizarre activities.  But one day,  it becomes a social issue. I thought I could have cried when Bean told me that there is no one to talk to on the bus, because as soon as the kids get on the bus, they get out their games.  I so know that feeling, like when your away somewhere with friends, and each person is in their own world texting, or checking up on their five hundred and sixty two Facebook friends, ignoring the friend sitting beside them. It's weird, uncomfortable.
Bean turned eight a few weeks ago and received a DS gaming system.  Yee, haw! I get it. I don't like it, but I get it.
I pick them up on Thursdays and they spend the night.  There it was, that little black box, in all its glory.  Also, my friend Gardener E., under another crazy clean and purge spell, left a pair of stilts on my porch, used by her own boys, who are my age. The little black box was forgotten, as Bean was determined to master those stilts and I smiled big!
 The girlies, still delighted by collecting rocks.
 Time for supper. Straight from the stalk to the boiling water yields the sweetest, tenderest, most delicious corn.  But first you have to collect it.  I see a little garden fairy peeking around.
 Oh, there's another one.
 Yummy, warm, sweet and juicy tomatoes.
 And another castoff enjoyed by Bean.  He said, "Take a picture of my dog and send it to her (Gardener E.) and see if she can come over sometime and see me walk on the stilts."  That I will do.

Lastly, our morning conversation before heading to school was hysterical.  Bean was asking about our move to a balanced calendar (where fall, winter and spring breaks are longer and summer is shorter) and I was trying to explain the reason behind it.  I failed completely at presenting a winning argument. He asked how long summer would be and when I told him six or seven weeks, he shook his head in disgust and loudly proclaimed, "That is just ridiculous, I'm going to have to call someone about this!"
 He just might.


  1. What a wonderful smile that little one has! It could capture any heart. So is a "balanced calendar" the same thing as year round classes?

    And I agree -- I hate captcha!

  2. Sweet chubby pictures and stilt walking! Love fresh corn. Balanced calendar sounds kind of interesting to me since we have almost year round summer weather. Children don't usually like change that much, though. Jonah is wearing school uniforms at middle school this year. He doesn't like it but I think the simplicity of khaki pants and blue or white shirts makes a lot of sense.

  3. Here we, in times way past had about two weeks at Christmas, and one week spring break. Then the summer of nearly twelve weeks.
    A balanced calendar has two weeks off fall, winter and spring, with only about 6 or 7 weeks in the summer. Students who struggle, do lose a lot of ground over summer and in some places one of those weeks in fall and spring is an intervention week. So those kiddos really don't have much time off. I'm not sure how I feel about it.
    I know how I feel about uniforms, love them.

  4. The captchas are getting worse and worse! Lately it takes me about as much time to decipher the captcha as it does to write my comment!

    I agree with you about gaming systems, but unfortunately I am the grandparent, not the parent! They are nice when you have to take the grands on a long car trip. And, yes, we do all kinds of road trip games, but sometimes you just need them to chill for a bit.

  5. I try to keep our grands busy from morning to night, but, if I'm busy cooking or getting dressed, they now know how to find games on my phone. Meals are still gameless and tv-less, for face-to-face conversation. Love the stilts and fresh vegetables from the garden!

  6. Glad I'm not the only one who has trouble figuring out those crazy texts.
    And I do get the need for them to chill, quietly and engaged from time to time.