Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Birthday Remembrance

Today is Kaye's birthday.  Sixty-four years ago on this day, my Mama delivered a wee babe, two months early, and thought by the doctors till that day,  to be a tumor.  My granny kept her going with round the clock feedings with an eye-dropper.  You would never know from these pictures, I'm guessing about ten months later, of her difficult start. Is she not the most adorable baby.  And there is my SuZQ, just eleven months older.
This picture was made in 2008, at Rae-rae's bridal shower.
And this one at Rae's wedding.  The earliest I'd ever known Kaye and Pete to arrive at an event.  A good one of Christmas I've posted before, and these two are the last pictures I have of her before the events that changed those sparkling eyes and beautiful smile.  She made her signature cheese balls for the wedding reception. 
The past couple of weeks I've sort of relived, in a ticker tape of mental snapshots, her last 3 and one half years.  Not pretty.
I'm posting these pictures here, so they are handy.  I intend to look at them until they imprint over the Rocky Horror Picture show of my mind.
But for today, I still grieve her, will always miss her and will celebrate, in her memory, with some of her very favorite garden flavors of salsa, fried corn, pesto and Chocolate-Mocha Cake, with Carmel Pecan Filling.
Happy Birthday to My Big Sister, Second Mom, Friend

And additionally,  Ceece and I will raise a toast to my committed, hard working boy, who far, far from here is having his own celebration and  after today, will no longer be referred to as 1st Lt., but Captain.

Congratulations Captain K. Adam Paris


  1. Sending you some good thoughts to get you through the rest of the day. Glad you got some good news to help counter balance the emotions a tiny bit! Sure hope they send him home soon so you can really relax.

  2. It was a good night, thank you for letting me be with you.

  3. What a beautiful tribute to your sister. Congratulations to your son. I also hope he come home safe and soon.