Saturday, May 26, 2012

So Long Fourth Grade

 Well, Friday marked the end of another very successful school year.  State standardized scores are in  and  my kiddos did great, thank the Lord.  Often I'm blessed to receive a few gifts at the end of the year. I was surprised however to see  all these parents walking in with these three big blue bags.  I couldn't imagine what in the wide world could have been in those bags.  I assumed the album was likely pictures of kids, which it was, in addition to many kind notes from kids and parents,  but beyond that I had no idea.  Anyway, they gave me a card and the card said, "All year you have loved and cared for our babies. Now it's our turn to care for yours." The bags were filled to the brim with items 1st Lt. can receive in Afghanistan.  In addition, was a package of notes my students wrote to him and also notes from their families.  The card also contained a hundred dollars for me to mail the stuff to  him. Oh my!  Tears galore.  More than anything I guess was just the understanding of those sweet families that the 31year old who is now on another continent will always be the child of my heart. Such a touching kindness.
This will also be so fun for Bean and Bugg to pick a few things each week for us to mail to him. An amazingly wonderful gift.
 Another friend left me the surprise of a new garden implement and a wonderful book and the water table is out, so I've officially kicked off summer.
 I believe I've given a report on this little water table before, but I will again as this is its sixth year to be rode hard and put up wet and it's still standing and stable and our newest playmates were loving it!
Other Big News- the boy is walking.   Let's see, set your eyes on the goal.
 Hunker down a bit until you get your balance.
 Then off you go!
 Wha, la- arrival at the new chickie baby play yard with a big guy cousin ready to show me the ropes!
 Then, perhaps a little snuggle!
Bean has always loved the little ones.
Last, but most assuredly not least- Happy Birthday to my lifetime love.  We scooted across the river to view the Samurai Exhibit at the Frazier Museum,  then enjoyed a dee-wish-us meal at Morton's.  
What you doing this holiday weekend?


  1. wow that card note was pretty awesome. made me teary. (big shocker)

  2. You are surrounded by love. What a great gift and what cute pictures! All my best wishes for your son who is so far away. Bless him.

  3. Wonderful picture of Major Cuteness! And such wonderful gifts. Have a great holiday weekend and enjoy your summer. Amara still has 2+ weeks to go and we are in countdown mode.

  4. It sounds as if your kids and parents know you well. They could not have gotten you a better gift. (And, by the way, I know you deserve lots of credit for your kids' test scores. I also know that you will give all the credit to the kids!)

    Enjoy your summer.