Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Midnight Special

For several years before I finished my teaching degree, I worked with autistic children.  I came upon this video through another blog.  My heart was always broken for these parents who were constantly trying to make others understand why their son or daughter behaved in unexpected ways.  I love that this guy doesn't seem the least bit affected by the little boy dancing and wanting to feel his guitar.  Not to mention, I love some good pickin' and folk music-oh, and old hippies.
Praise the Lord for another day of perfect weather for my last field trip of the year.
Sunday, an e-mail from 1st Lt. said he was in Baltimore.


  1. i watched that video no less than 10 times when you sent it to me last night. I even called the kids out of bed to come watch it. Good find.

  2. That is one very special guy. I loved the video -- thank you for sharing it.

    Glad you 1st Lt is somewhere safe!

  3. I loved this video. What a sweet, gentle spirit that guitar player has and what a great experience for that little boy!