Friday, May 11, 2012

Crazy Mayzie

A busy day.  No matter how many times I observe this, it never fails to fascinate.

 I never tire of the excitement generated in the classroom by these tiny babes.  It was touch and go with a couple of them.  I've never had this problem before, but two of the eggs were dry and I had help those wee chickies out of their wee shell.
Lots of frenetic activity between chicks, preparing Mother's Day gifts and a Spring Fling to round out the afternoon. 
Then it was time to turn my focus to my sister SuZQ's granddaughter's pre-prom activities. Once I waded through downtown horrific, everyone in the universe showed up, traffic, it was a fun time.

I'm ready for some weekend!


  1. What great pictures! I can't wait to show the baby chicks to Amara when she comes over tonight. I'm sure that is something she has never seen up close but your pictures will be the next best thing for now.

  2. Love the chicks! Thanks for sharing. I remember watching eggs hatch when I was a kids. Chickens were one of my fav animals then, ok still! Lovely pre prom pics!