Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Showers

April showers bring May flowers. I'm a little unsure what April showers will bring this year as the warming trend continues in the Ohio Valley and most all of my spring flowers have bloomed and have already begun to decline.
A dear friend brought some cast offs from her lovely shade garden. Yesterday was damp, cool and overcast-perfect for transplanting. Handy Man and I got most all of them planted around the property.
Looks like we had a nice rain through the night and another already this morning, so my new beauties will settle in so nicely.
The spinach and lettuce is up. I believe I'll take advantage of the nice rains and try to uncrowd some of that lettuce.

1st Lt. and family headed to Disney yesterday for a week of fun and memory making.

Handy Man and I went over Friday evening to give Bean and Bugg a busy bag (instead of an Easter basket) "to da wode." When Bean was wee, he always brought something he wanted to leave here and asked to take something, " for the road" when he left. Instead it came out "to da wode." Of course, that's what we all say now. I'll be praying "the wode" is easy and safe and many happy memories are made to reflect on in the upcoming year.
Drummer Boy's third baby is due just any minute. Two good friends are waiting on reports from biopsies. All good wishes and prayers welcome here.
Happy April- No Fooling!


  1. We live about 10 miles from Disneyland and the weather here is beautiful and perfect for being at the Park which can get warm and crowded. Supposed to be mid 70s to mid 60s. I hope it s perfect for them.

    1. Is your situation like folks who live here near Churchill Downs and the upcoming Derby's festivities, but have never been there, or do you visit the park often?