Friday, April 13, 2012

A Friday the 13th Blessing

A Friday the 13th blessing arrived at 7:45 this morning and she is a beauty. Don't you just love her chubby cheeks. I'm not sure of the spelling, but Maryn June, 8lbs 1oz is here.
Wow, lots of emotions this week. A friend learning of cancer, a son leaving, a sweet memory of 4:30 am on this day a year ago, followed by one of the worst experiences of my life, and now, another beautiful girl child.
I'm rejoicing that the hospital room (same place) will now have a different impression on my heart.
Drummer Boy and Gwen (you know mostly Gwen) did an awesome job. Baby was an eager, capable nurser, Daddy was proud, Mama found delivering a face up baby very intense, but hung in there, and delivered naturally. Buttercup will be so very excited to have a sister, though she wanted her named Sallie.
Drummer Boy and Gwen chose not to know the sex from the 22 week ultrasound, but for some reason, chose to give me the envelope with the news. I said to myself that I would not look. That lasted about 30 minutes. I cannot believe it, but I never told a soul, not even Pappy. I did however buy cutest pink clothes and hid them. They were washed and ready and already delivered.
Look at that hair. I can't wait to see it after her bath. All three have had different colored hair.
Is there anything in the wide world softer than baby skin. Love, love, love.


  1. She does have cute cheeks but it is those long fingers that I just love! Good job on keeping the secret!

  2. Congratulations! Beautiful baby! Surely your cup runneth over!

  3. Drummer Boy and Gwen probably knew that if they told you the gender, you'd have some cute clothes waiting, and you did. Congratulations! So precious.