Friday, March 30, 2012

So That's What it Tastes Like

When it's warm enough for the creek then the creek has to be explored from one end to the other.
Baby Boy usually has two moods- grumpy or euphoric. He has never been crazy about me. Uncle Jimi is his most favorite person in the wide world. He is growing up though and was willing to allow me to be his creek playmate on Wednesday. He wanted me to get a scoop of rocks and pour them in his net. Then he would fling them into the "pond." Next, he would sternly demand more "pond rocks" and I would humbly obey.

Since his playtimes with me have been few and far between, I figured I'd best capture the King's demand for pond rocks from his humble servant Kymbi on film. He had just finished flinging and then looked up at me.
I snapped the pik (good thing I was quick) as he immediately changed his face to a big "Cheese!"
Then, "I need more pond rocks." "Yes, sir."
Brrrr, the weather may be warm but the creek was cold.
So, when their lips were blue and whatever to see in the creek didn't take priority over warmth, we hauled them out for a good scrubbing.
Now they were ready to settle down to candy eating, er making.

Rae chased the baby whilst we painted. When it was over I told her the boy needed to try his hand at painting, you know, for the archives.
This was so very funny in real time. First, Rae paints the mold and tells him what she's doing.
He isn't terribly interested, but decides to try some finger painting. We tell her to give him the brush.

Okay, this interesting. And what Ol' Mother Hubbard and I were waiting on, the taste!

Well now, this is different and dee-wish-us, but alas, I licked it all off.
Next, the dawning of understanding that what was painted in those mold was the same stuff. Toss the brush, let's slurp out the good stuff!

So, so funny.
Today I ordered his first birthday present when I noticed a new post from a blog I follow, "The Blessing of Verity." This is a blog about a big family with a Down's Syndrome baby, who saw a horrific CNN report on an orphanage in Bulgaria. They proceeded to go get one of those little ones. The environment these children survive in defies imagination. Now more people are going to adopt them. Funds are being raised for the families here-

Of course, it made me stop and think not only about all the toys Giddy-up already has, but all the love he is surrounded by. About his Mama and Papa who have tried since before they even knew he was coming to make his environment the best place it could be, and how I wish that every little person could be so loved.
Anyway, I made a donation to bring Maykayla home in honor of his birthday and believing there will be a new birthday soon for little Miss Maykayla. If your in the mood to spread some love and good, take a look!

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  1. You had so much fun!!! I love that blue candy on the brush and on his face matches his eyes! Love your gift idea.