Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hemlock Cliffs

Well, the Handy Man and I did something a bit unusual for us. While we spend a lot of time together, we aren't exactly on the same page. We turn in early and spend a good bit of time in our own books before sleep. Often I'm in the "Nipping Room" turning out some little bit of felt something, whilst he is in the wood shop making something wonderful. If he is enjoying a movie that's not my taste, I'm looking up how to harvest garlic on the computer.
This week, a dear friend told us of a recent visit to a little box canyon located in the Hoosier National Forrest called Hemlock Cliffs and recommended we check it out. So off we went to while away the afternoon tiptoeing through the most blooming wildflowers I've ever had the privilege of viewing in one spot. All this warm weather has those tiny treasures blooming their wee heads off. It was such a sweet day with my sweetheart and I may just have to make my ownest self a picture book to remind me of our perfect date. The weather was ideal, no mosquitoes, red buds in bloom lining the way until we ran into huge patch of wisteria, one of my favorite flowers, then the canyon. I want to live there.
Um, so we're going down there? What, do we slide down? Handy Man, "There are stairs, but they wiggle and they are slippery." Okay, well, good to know.
Sure enough there were some slippery wiggling stairs. Aren't I adventuresome?
Look at that falls, be still my heart. Do you see my Handy Man down there? He's down there and I'm not because, as sister SuZ will freely tell you I have to stop and smell everything, or at least look and sigh or wonder or smile-big. Mercy, there was a lot to stop and smile over. I have to admit that at this moment I felt a little tug of guilt over how much total joy my little wood sprites would have had splashing in that waterfall.
On the roof of one of the overhangs.
I just lovey these fiddleheads.
It encourages my heart to see such beauty literally spring out of something dead. What a Creator!
Oh my, Dutchman's Breeches.
A hemlock pinecone.
I'll post more pictures tomorrow of trilliums, trout lillies, jack in the pulpits, and more.
We were starved by the time we hauled ourselves out of that canyon. We enjoyed a delicious supper overlooking the river on the way home.
I'll certainly enjoy this Spring Break catching up with those I love and never get to see enough of, but it was wonderful to start it off with my best buddy.


  1. My husband and I need to do things like this more often, too. We had a nice day recently visiting the Azalea Trail with another couple. I just finished making that photo book. I got a free book from Shutterfly, but am sending that one to the other couple. Maybe I'll splurge on one for us.

    1. You should splurge on one for you too.