Friday, December 23, 2011

Weeeeeee, Presents

What is it Pappy?

Look Gramerly, I love it. Pappy did a good job.

As I commented yesterday, the Bugg and Bean were here elving. Bean was busy twisting up a beautiful holly wreath with berries.
Bugg, complete with tiara and fancy jewels from Ol' Betsey, worked on a Christmas tree with red ornaments.

Ahhh, this fancy frame and artistic rendering of the first Christmas by Mr. Bean almost got "accidently" left at Gramerly's-forever. Baby Jesus, the big star and a wee lambie. Oh, squeeze my heart.

My friends and family will waste no time in telling you, usually in somewhat of a disgusted tone, that I am hard to buy for. I don't mean to be hard to buy for, it's just, well, I don't know. I wear pins, that's about it. Never will a fine jewel be on my Christmas list. Now, I'd like a cow, really. But then that would necessitate someone to take care of it, a shed to put her in, a fence. I love books, and Handy Man is ever thankful for the library as he claims there is no way he could ever keep me in books as fast as I read. I don't wear much make-up. I had a massage once and hated it. I don't watch TV. Cleaning chicken and bunny coops, along with all the glue, glitter, and paint, don't mix well with manicures. So again, I don't mean to be difficult.

Well, my girls nailed it this year. Below is a pin I received from Rae-rae and Gwen. I love it. It is as me as there ever will be in the form of jewelry.

And then Ceece found a way to give me something I so needed- knowledge of Kaye's value to me and the yearning that my Christmas would include her somehow. This little remembrance has brought me some much needed comfort.
In Kaye's eulogy, I mentioned that she was the person who took me to my first theatre experience to see The Jungle Book. It remains my favorite Disney flick.
Ceece also gave me the hard back copy of The Jungle Book with this picture inside, taken on Christmas Eve.
So, tomorrow is the day to fill with busyness. It would have been a day to spend with Kaye getting ready for her traditional Christmas Eve dinner. Pete and Ol' Mother Hubbard have rented a cabin to put a little distance and scenery change on Christmases Past. I hope it helps.
Hope your elving is nearly complete.


  1. Lovely pictures. I hope your change of scenery Christmas is peaceful and happy. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Shari

  2. I love the jewelry. I know what you mean about not meaning to be hard to buy for. It's just that by our stage in life, we know what's important and what's not, and guess what? There's a whole lot of stuff that people think is really important that is not.