Sunday, December 25, 2011

We are Santa's Elves

It's the wee hours of Christmas morning. Tah dah, we all survived Christmas Eve.
I have to say, it seemed to be a big black cloud hanging over me, and I feel a weight lifted off this morning.
Seeing as how I switched my little (well, not so little anymore with grandbaby 6 on the way) immediate family circle to the week before Christmas, I had been in the habit of spending the day at Kaye's and the afternoon and evening with my Mom on the eve of Christmas.
Mom and Auntie G-Lou weren't able to do as much food wise, so on Friday I made some yummy homemade sauce and put together a couple of huge pasta dishes, some garlic rolls and cinnamon rolls for the party yesterday.
Jake the Baker made multiple cakes and donuty goodness.
Ol' Mother Hubbard brought a poinsettia and had our favorite cookie maker prepare honorary Kaye cookies, "K's" and teapots decorated with more poinsettias - too adorable. She had an ornament made with Kaye's name and the date for us. Then Tish had each of us sisters a piece of jewelry made with five peas in a pod (one of each of the sister's birthstones being a tiniest pea), with a little disc stamped "Kaye" and our initials. So very sweet.
Mom hung in there pretty well.
Drummer Boy and his wifey and little Blue-eyed Boy looking handsome before being so silly.
Silliness does help, doesn't it?
In an interesting turn of events, I was blessed to spend Christmas Eve preparing someone's Christmas dinner after all. I always hated it that Kaye couldn't tend to her own Christmas preparing, but I loved helping them prepare and spending those Christmas Eve days with her. I will long treasure those memories in my heart.
She was so happy on this particular Christmas Eve, helping peel potatoes for their traditional supper of Honey Baked Ham and potato salad.
Well, a dear friend broke her foot on Friday, so again, I was blessed to head out to her place after Mom's party and throw her Christmas fixings together. I surely am sorry that she is laid up, and wished she wasn't, but I was glad I was available to help out. It felt so very Christmasy, with the tree lit, the music on, other friendly elves furiously wrapping her presents, eating Christmas fudge, all the good smells of Christmas, laughing, talking, tearing up, loving each other like Jesus loves us- Christmas.
Well, I best sign-off and get on the road. I'm headed to my Aunt Lois's this morning.
One last wish for a very merry Christmas to you and yours, and one last bit of elving to bring you a smile!


  1. Those little elves would bring anyone a smile! Merry Christmas!

  2. I always love your pictures, and your good works know no season. I hope your Christmas was wonderful. Mine was.

  3. The pictures are so sweet. Merry Christmas and hopes for a very Happy New Year in 2012.