Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ahhh, No Creatures Yet

Sunday afternoon calm.
I fixed the Handy Man and I a big bowl of the French Onion Soup and sat in front of the tree and enjoyed it.

The best thing about the stove was having a big stove box. It was a big hit at the party with the wee folk.
We strung lights inside and left out crayons, stickers, etc.

The school calendar interfered with Bean and Bugg spending the night. So, they came last night and we've been crafting the day away. They are now making themselves into Santa and Elf. My house is a pile of glue, glitter, crayons and tissue paper- you know, Christmas.

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  1. I love glitter! Whenever Amara does crafts there is always glitter left behind and each time I see it I smile and remember how much fun she had. I bet they do an awesome job of decorating!