Tuesday, September 21, 2010

September is Celebration Time

Mercy, we have a lot that goes on in September. I've lost count of the birthdays, but mine was in the mix along with a brother, two sisters, a sister-in-law, two nieces and a nephew and two gramerlings. If that weren't enough, tomorrow is my 31st anniversary and as you know, Tim got married and it's the anniversary month of a niece and a sister. That doesn't count friends, three of whom share my birthday. Crazy!
I had a good birthday. I always find birthdays kind of strange. I've never been a good gift receiver. I love those people who flip out over presents like it's the best thing they've ever received. Is it embarrassment I feel? I 'm not sure.
Rae-rae, who usually sees to such events for the Handy Man, jumped ship. Between Handy Man, 1st Lt. and Drummer Boy, you'd have better luck trying to communicate with Arwen using a string and a tin cup. Anyway, they managed to get it together and along with the wives, pulled it off. Ceece brought that yummy lemon cake you see pictured above and Gwen made a delicious spinach salad. Missy Bugg and Buttercup only had eyes for birthday cake.
On Sunday, we celebrated Buttercup's second birthday. But today is her actual birthday. Happiest Birthday Sweet Blue-eyed Buttercup! We're so glad for you!
She had been talking about cupcakes for a month.
Hmm, wonder who I look like? Where did my forehead, head shape and chin come from. Wonder?
By the way, Happy Anniversary to my very ownest Handy Man. I love you!

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