Saturday, September 11, 2010

Houston, We Have a Floor

While Pappy and Buttercup and I picked pumpkins, threw rocks in the creek, fed the chickie girls some wood sorrel and had multiple long swings in Old Blue Dolphin, Drummer Boy finished the floor and 1st Lt. came and nodded his approval.

A much deserved rest and a Popsicle.
Not too shabby from woodshed remnants.

It is beautiful. Many thanks my Handy Man Husband and my Handy Man Boys. I said I might just leave it just like this and be a Shaker for awhile. It is very peaceful room at the moment.

Rae Rae phoned at noon from Scandinavia saying they had arrived safely and it is 6 pm there.

My next post will show off my baby brother and his new bride. I must be making tracks to the wedding.


  1. Awesome job!!! It is really beautiful! Can they come to my house next?

  2. Awesome floors! Totally changed the look of the house! love it!