Thursday, September 30, 2010

Miss Bugg's Birthday

My sweet Bugg turned 4 last week. Fast fly the years.
I wrote Bean a song for his sixth birthday, so she wanted a song for her birthday too.
I mind pretty well. Bean was watching a movie with Pappy, and she and I were playing a game in the living room. I told her I wrote the song and did she want to go swing and sing. Her response was so cute. You would have thought it was Christmas.
Thank you Zak Brown.
Tune- Chicken Fried
Oh, I love a little Missy Bugg
Wrap her up in warm soft hug
Makes the strings of my heart tug
When I hold her tight
I love the way her red hair curls
How she's such a girly girl
And the way her blue eyes dance
in the morning llll iiii ght

She started out as just a tiny bit,
Five pounds you know,
But lots of attitude and grit and
A will to grow,
Now she's all I want to talk about
with a pixie face behind that smart mouth

Oh I love my little Missy Bugg.....

So, I thank God for this girl
The way she'll dance and swirl
The way that smile of hers
Lights up my world
If we sing or swing
Or do the princess thing
It matters not to me
Cause I love her soo ooo ooo.
We weren't out long when Bean appeared on the scene. He can smell when that old dolphin swings starts up. He patiently drew on his marker board, waiting his turn. When he got in the swing he asked me to hand him the board and marker. I said, "Are you going to write while you swing?" He said, "Yeah." I asked, "What you writing?" He replied, "Wait, you'll see." So I pushed and pushed and finally he said, "You can read it now." It said
I bo not no much abut my grandma bt I no I have a place in sid her heart
(I do not know much about my grandma, but I know I have a place inside her heart)
whaaaaaaaaa precious

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  1. This story is too precious! I love your song, but what Bean wrote about you--that's priceless!