Saturday, March 13, 2010

Saturday of Rest

Buttercup was an early morning visitor today. She was hungry for eggs, bacon and oranges (hmm, seems I'm repeating myself). She busied herself with first one thing and then another, but not much time would pass before again questioning her Bap about the shhhhickeees. We kept assuring her that we would be going out soon to see them.

After bundling her up, we headed that way about 10:30 and she got to visit them and gather the eggs. Then it was time to "wing, wing."

I told Handy Man something was going to have to be done soon about the swing situation. Bean is still folding himself up to fit in that dolphin swing. We have way too many swingers, with another on the way. I've been busy looking online at the choices. Three big playgrounds are easily accessible to us just up the hill at the school. They have no swings. I only want swings. They aren't cheap.

Handy Man installed another bed for me today. I have a bed of tulips and wild things that I like a lot. You can only put tulips in a bed in my yard. Anywhere else and voles will devour them. The ones in the bed I like, really need separating, but where to put them?

Now I have a spot. The tripod Valentine gift will go in the center of the bed. It will first grow Bean, Bugg, and Buttercup peas, and then egg gourds.

After seeing a small clear plastic box with 4 tiny heads of unusal lettuce for $4.97 at the Kroger, I spent that on several packs of lettuce seeds. The bed I posted about earlier is now full.

I shoveled a big wheelbarrow full of coop flooring out today. It's really quite amazing, just brown crumbling dirt. Some went with the lettuce, quite a bit in the new bed, and a bit in the flower bed in front of the porch. I'm anxious to see if it seems to make much difference.
I can't wait for fresh salads. Yummmm.

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