Monday, February 15, 2010

Sweetest Day

As I sat down to eat my blueberry pancakes, lovingly prepared for my Valentine breakfast by my favoritest Handy Man, I spied yet another present outside the window. Won't they be glorious in the garden with some thick vegetation winding all around, making a wonderful hiding place inside the foliage? I need that visual as winter has seem to settle in for the long haul.
It was a sweetest kind of day. I made dumplings and two of my favorite dumplings with 1st Lt. in tow, and a good friend, came to join us.
My friend brought the most adorable wee book about blue and red and green happy bugs, invaded by a big, black, unfriendly bug they manage to rid themselves of rather quickly. I've thought of it several times and smiled, remembering Bean, hanging on each word, and asking for clarification about anything he didn't understand. Then he gave reading it a go.
He and 1st Lt. have finished Huck Finn, so Treasure Island was chosen for their next read. That was 1st Lt.'s favorite book as a boy. Bean asked me to read the first chapter. You can't get one unknown word or phrase past him without giving an explanation. Not that I want to. I work all year on trying to get my fourth grade students to stop, make connections, and try to ascertain from context the meaning of word. If that fails, at least ask. This grandboy of mine is going to have a whopping vocabulary.
I bought a little Snow White slap bracelet for Missy Bugg. I didn't realize she'd never seen Snow White. She was quite smitten with the princess.
Saturday I spent with Mom. Since the shot for her knee, she is getting around a bit better. She only coughed once the whole time I was there and no shakes, not as much swelling. It was comforting to see her a bit improved. I gave Handy Mans's Mom and her some little Jiffy Greenhouses and seeds. Both are lovers of growing things. Tis the season for hope.
A favorite saying, "Who plants the seed beneath the sod, and waits to see, believes in God."
I also bought some for my self. I am ever impressed by the possibility within a tiniest seed.

After Mom's I stopped by for a visit with Ol' Mother Hubbard, to give Miss Linee her birthday present and a valentine for all. Miss Linee seems so grown-up for two. She is so very adorable, as they all are. I spent a lot of time with her Mama when she was two. Of all the poopies, she reminds me most of my niece. I can eat her up with spoon-precious.

More snow today. The chickie girls are not amused.

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