Sunday, February 21, 2010

Crafty Wednesday

Ol' Mother Hubbard is thinking she might want to give homeschooling a whirl. I'm thinking mayhaps she's a tad bit daft, but I'll support whatever decision she makes.

I visit a lot of blogs of folks who homeschool and a new book called Joyful Movement was getting some press. Since this month is the Ol' Mother's birthday, I thought that would make a good gift.

I found it at a rather bohemian site titled A Child's Dream Come True, of the type for which I am a sucker. As you might know, it had a special of free postage and gift if you spent so much money, so I took a few minutes to peruse the site, and, well, spent so much money.I thought Bean would love this little transport vehicle for playing army and the little tumbling elves were too adorable to resist and could be played with various age poopies.
Bean is always interested in anything that causes his Handy Man Pap to break out the tools. Together they put the little cart together and hooked it up between two chairs.

While Bean and Pappy-O were busy gluing, Missy Bugg and I were making cookies. The adorable little apron she's wearing is one Pappy brought home to her from a lady who makes them where he works. We'd both forgotten the apron, until about half way through, when she shouted,
" Oh, no!" " I forgot my baker." She then proceeded to find it, put it on, spin around and declare,
"Now, I'm beautiful." Being beautiful is an important ingredient in good tasting cookies you know.
I didn't know if Bean could stand the supense long enough for his little cart to dry, but he did. Soon he was busy moving weapons to strategic locations down the mountain. He soon began to play with the weight, figuring out some interesting cause and effect with balance. Hmm, exactly what I hoped he would do.
Miss Bugg is enthralled with overseeing a military manuever. I erred in thinking the baking and fashioning of tumbling elves would distract my wee Bugg from the excitement of the moving cart. No such luck. Bean had to reluctantly part with it for a bit and hand over the reins to his sister. She's not much into military. So, Pap was stationed in the mine, deep in the mountain, and once the princess sent her gnome to dig, Pap was to help fill the cart with jewels for a tiara. After many, many trips into the deep dark mine, there were enough jewels for a stunning tiara fit for a Princess Bugg.
Handy Man says they put at least fifteen miles on that tiniest cart in just a couple of hours.
Sometimes, things just don't work out no matter how wonderful the attention, or best laid plans. Other times, it's even better than you could imagine. So much fun, learning, and pretending.
Thank you Lord for such a sweet evening!

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