Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Snow on Snow

Well, perhaps not all. Okay, I'm over the whole snow thing. We are out of school AGAIN! As anyone who knows me well understands, I don't work efficiently (or contentedly) without some order to my days. You know like if last week on Friday afternoon I'd known I'd be off work for the next five days, I would've filled those days right up. But this day to day, not having clue one how it will go, drives me batty. Some would argue I'm a half a bubble off plumb already, so it's not pretty here in Snowville. It is physically kind of pretty.
This tree served as our Christmas decoration, then, if you recall, moved outside to hold pinecone birdfeeders. The birds have since stripped the tree of all seeds. Now it serves as cover for the little juncos and wrens, when Arwen comes dashing by their feeder, terrifying them.

Why did I leave this eggplant on the vine all winter? I have no idea. Guess I just like how it looks.
I fell going to feed the girls yesterday. We've been shoveling around the gate, which created a tiniest, iciest slope, that my feet attempted to go up, then came back down really fast. I had a scooper of scratch in one hand and an egg carton in the other, so well, back to the not so pretty scenery. I'm fine, the egg carton however did not survive the fall. I tell this story because I had just given Arwen her dog food outside the pen with some tasty real meat and fat bits. I had no sooner hit the ground when she forsook her gourmet lunch to prance all around me, until she saw I was able to get up and function. She is a sweet girl.
Do you know the song In the Bleak Midwinter by Shawn Colvin?
Snow had fallen, snow on snow,
snow on snow on snow...
I used to love that song.

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