Saturday, December 19, 2009

Thanks Girls

This ol' house has been a whirring dervish of wrapping, cleaning, and cooking as I finished Christmas with my students and have to be ready by tomorrow at 4:30 to celebrate with my gramerlings. The bean dip, cheese appetizer, Texas potatoes, and lettuce wrap filling is done and I'm tired.
First, however I'll travel to Florence, KY in the morning, to celebrate my aunt's and uncle's 75th wedding anniversary. Aunt Lois was excited for me to get chickens and fresh eggs, and I'm excited to take some to her in the morning. She loves eggs and the girls have laid some giant ones this week. Aren't they pretty.

The ones in the front are the size of regular eggs. It doesn't seem like I can really get a picture to show them off properly.

This is the first time we've had a pale brown one be so huge. I think it was just a special anniversary gift.
Kaye was supposed to go with us, but she isn't feeling up to it.

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