Monday, December 14, 2009

Kaye Report

Last night most all the siblings and my mom met for some Christmas cheer. Sister Sue ZQ bought Christmas Crackers with wee horns, a directing baton and song sheet, and we attempted to make merry tooting carols. Umm, we really need to practice, but we laughed a lot.

I will confess to having a lot of jumbled feelings where Kaye is concerned these past ten months. I don't feel I had the need to know that a person could suffer what she has suffered. Had no idea you could even live through what she has lived through. I'll admit, I've wondered more than once, "For what?" But then Pete bucked authority, took her home, did what they said he couldn't and we've watched as slowly she's improved. I mean just four months ago she couldn't eat, talk, feed herself at all, or care to eat, for that matter. Now, we're celebrating Christmas and she had Pete call me last week and she asked me to pick up Mom and bring her to the party and I understood it. She enjoyed her dinner last night and rumor has it, she's walking with help and the walker a bit more each time at therapy. I've adapted to the "This is how Kaye is now" groove, and my topsy turvey world seemed more topsy than turvey for a moment. It was a good moment-it's gone.

Tonight was Kaye night and I headed to town about 4:30, but she was already in bed and Pete was in an absolute tizz. He asked for a urine test last week and the results came back today-Klebsillia Pneumonia, again. The urologist office called to say they'd called in Bactrim and he returned the call to say that it doesn't work for her. He told her what they'd given her last time- remember 5 weeks through a picc line, and they said they weren't familiar with that and he'd need to call the doc who prescribed it. He'd been trying every which way he knew to get ahold of that doc, but no luck. This is the bacteria that rendered her unresponsive, then psychotic for days and sent her right back to not eating, talking, knowing us etc. David suggested just calling information for his home phone and Pete did, apologized profusely, but got the doc at home. The doctor said he'd check her records in the morning and tell Pete what to do. If she spiked a temp, to go to the emergency room. Then he said that he didn't want to dispel our hopes, but it practically impossible to cure a recurrence.
It's just so scary, as now I have awful images of what might be in store for her if it goes south like last time.
So, if you will, just pray for all decision making parties to have wisdom about her care and treatment. And just as much for Pete. I know if I feel terrified, how much more he feels it.

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