Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Ol' Betsy

When Mister Bean was about two, we started watching Davy Crockett. He quickly became a huge fan. Every girl in his life was Becky, and every stick his gun Betsy, every guy Davy's sidekick Georgie, and, for about two years, we had to call him Davy.

At the time of his birth he had six grandmas. In order to tell us apart, we took different names. He has a Oma, a GiGi, a Granny Wandy, Grandma Betty and me, Gramerly (His great, great grandma has sinced passed away). Well, one time he got a little confused an referred to his Pap's mom as Ol' Betsy. As his grandparents, of course, we thought it adorable, but I wasn't sure how Grandma Betty would feel. Handy Man couldn't help himself and just had to tell on Bean. Well, she graciously accepted the moniker gifted by her first great grand boy. Today is her birthday.
So, Happy Birthday to you Ol' Betsy!! We hope it is a happy one.
Since she loves Lemon Pie, I made her one. She also feels some serious affection for bourbon balls, as does her son. The plan was to have them for Christmas. Ummm, why do I make plans?
Handy Man thought he'd help, then thought maybe he wouldn't-yucck.
"Okay, I smiled nicely for the first picture, now quit already." " No one needs to know that I licked the bourbon ball bowl clean."

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