Wednesday, November 18, 2009

This n' That

Went to see Kaye on Monday. She reminds me of Bean and Miss Bugg sometimes.

When Bean was little, he had a hard time adjusting to fall, after being here so much in summer. He wanted to do in an afternoon all we had done in a full day, and was quite unhappy when his mom and dad arrived to fetch him home after only a couple of hours of play. Now I'm going through the same thing with Bugg who throws herself in the floor and begs to spend the night.

Kaye also seems to have a little of the same problem. I had been going to stay with her a weekend day and two nights since her fall in March. Now that she's home, and can understand and be trusted not to try and get up or pull anything off or out, I don't go as much. Three of us sisters, and a brother, go on Monday and Thursday nights, and the three of us sisters take turns on Sundays. Sometimes, that means I go a few days without seeing her and usually she's calling me before I get back, sometimes in tears. Though she's always adding new words, it is still difficult to understand her, and I can never get it all on the phone. I just tell her I'm coming soon and that seems to pacify her awhile.
She's had another bladder infection, e-coli this time. Don't ask, I can't even guess. Pete caught it before it rendered her comatose, thank the Lord. She is swallowing her medicines now and eating well. The picc line is out and I imagine the stomach tube could go as well. I have mixed feelings about all of that. When she takes a turn, it is fast, furious and near deadly.

She is going to a rehab hospital again for out patient speech, physical and occupational therapy. Her first speech session, which was an evaluation, was quite upsetting to her. She said it made her feel stupid. Breaks my heart. The one this week was better.
Pete is always so joyous over every bit of progress. I bought a book of short stories about a boy's wild childhood that I knew would make him laugh. He called me tonight and said he was reading it to Kaye and he was laughing so hard he could hardly keep reading, and she was laughing so much at him laughing. So, I laughed too, thinking about them. I don't know where he gets the strength for each day. I guess the Lord is faithful to leave it where he can find it.

Bean got his pins out yesterday and now just has a little bandage on his arm. I'm so thankful that ordeal is over and the arm is now healing nicely-thank you Lord!

We've gathered 29 eggs over the last two days. The novelty still hasn't worn off. Buttercup had two for breakfast Saturday, and Bean and Bugg cooked and ate them for supper again tonight. It's a big thrill for me sharing them with all the people we love. Just love all around. We love and nurture these chickie girls. They give us little multi-colored packages of sunshine that we delight in eating and passing around some of that joy to others. You gotta love when a plan comes together.

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