Thursday, November 26, 2009


Give thanks with a grateful heart
Give thanks to the Holy One
Give thanks because He's given Jesus Christ His Son
Give thanks.

That chorus always comes to mind on Thanksgiving.

It is early. The sun is oh so slowly lighting the tips of trees I see out my window. Though tired, my night was not restful, I'm up, trying to find some energy swimming around in my favorite green coffee cup.

My Mom's husband has suffered from an Alzheimer like brain disorder for the past couple of years. Each time I've gone to visit since summer, he has been a bit more "gone." This past week, his jaw shut and would not open and now he is not conscience or communicating in anyway and Auntie G-Lou says it will just be a few days.

Mom had planned to come for Thanksgiving and Kaye too. This was not at all what I would have expected for our Thanksgiving this year. The depths to which Kaye has gone health wise since last February and Mom as well, that did not allow me to hope for another Thanksgiving with them.

Do you know how it feels for something to be uncomfortable, yet normal. Way back in the day, after Daddy's stroke, they told us his life expectancy would be about seven years. So, for twenty-two years I always wondered if he'd make the next big family hoo-ha. Pre-cell phones, I never left the house for a few hours or went on a vacation that I didn't wonder what might happen when I was gone. Ahhh, it's back.

Anyway, the stress and sadness has impacted Mom's breathing, so she doesn't know if she can make it today. After the news about Roy, I wasn't expecting her. I mean, I wouldn't leave Handy Man and don't expect her to leave him. What I'm feeling like is just going to her house and holding her hand until he has left her, but Auntie G-Lou is there and a couple of dozen people are expecting some turkey and stuff around two this afternoon.

A long, long time ago, both my brothers stopped living with their boy's mothers. I said then that I'd have Thanksgiving at 2 and Easter dinner until the nephews were grown. I wanted them to have something traditional, unchanging. I have only veered from that once, with a change to one o'clock, because said brother's new girlfriend needed to leave early. This year said brother will not be here for the first time in so many years I've lost count, and I've had no report on his boys either.

All of the above to say, I'm feeling a little bluesy, however I am still thankful.

Thankful for:
  • a Handy Man who rubs my back at the end of a long day
  • a delight of a daughter girl, who helps with veggie chopping and casserole making
  • a fine friend who peels endless potatoes while we laugh and visit
  • a sweet sister who'll help with the clean-up
  • a growing-up nephew boy who called to ask if he could help and made two pumpkin pies
  • a precious parent who's DNA for all things family passed to me
  • seven smiling babies I'll smooch and squeeze today
  • delectable dishes of all kinds to sit on our Thanksgiving table
  • a devoted dearly loved brother-in-law, who is the reason Kaye is here
  • an astounding sister, due to her devotion, Roy will end his days here peacefully, with dignity, in his home
  • cheery chickie girls who lay lovely eggs daily

and the list could go on for pages and pages.

Hmm, I feel better already. I must be off to turn out the cinnamon rolls, put a turkey in the oven and freshen up Cluckingham Palace before guests arrive.

One last thankful-

I'm thankful for My Little Pixie Girl who celebrates her birthday today. I love you-make it sweet!

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