Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It's the Simple Things

I suppose there will be a day when Handy Man and I aren't so intrigued by this whole chicken/egg business. The skinny one in front is the first we've gotten from an Andalusian. We know this because they are the only ones who lay white eggs. Those girls are still so small (see pic in last entry) that I'm not surprised that egg is so skinny.

Look at the difference in the size of these eggs. If eggs do get bigger as the girls age, we're going to have ostrich eggs.

Last night at the grocery, I found this so tiny T-Fal griddle. Handy Man was off somewhere searching for an elusive toothpaste to go with a coupon we had. I told him they had this cutest little griddle I wanted to show him, but couldn't find him. God love him, he goes back, finds the griddle and puts it in the cart. So tonight it was Progresso Tomato Basil soup, my favorite, and grilled cheese with Provolone, on the tiny griddle. Look at that, it makes a perfect grilled cheese. Land's we've gotten easy to entertain in our old age.
We'll probably liven things up and make grilled peanut butter and jelly before the week is out.
Woo hoo.
We've had 16 eggs in two days. Good times. Thank the Lord for chickens and Handy Mans.

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