Sunday, August 30, 2009

Time for Tea My Dollies Three

This weekend, my favorite printing company had a special. I had already had a big picture made of all the gramerlings except Miss Bugg. While it isn't hard to catch her cutest personality on film, it is hard to get her to look at the camera and smile. She likes to look away and say, "Cheese!" with a big fakey smile. In addition, she is a frequent eye batter, so while there may be a big smile, those baby blues are at half mast or gone. Due to the discount, I was determined to get a picture of her to add to my others. Last year actually, Tiff ordered these pillow case dresses for the girls, but today is the first time Bugg has worn it.

I decided that a perfect picture spot for my sweet curly headed girl, was a little hide-a-way under the Scarlet Curls Willow the kids gave and planted for me many Mother's Days ago. I love that little tree. For some readers who've been around awhile, yes, those are the same dollies that appeared in Rae Rae's and others little girl tea party pictures I took a century ago.
When I put Bugg in the swing and give a little push, she always shouts, "A song!" and her current song is about a playmate and her friend with 3 dollies, so it seemed right to put them in the picture. I still recall my mom singing that song to me when I was her age.

"What cha means this isn't quite what you were looking for?"

"Okay, give me a minute and I'll try to do this your way."

" Don't expect me to smile correctly when you are being so silly Gramerly."

" Hi-yah, I'm tired of this."

With her "dee-wish-us" Pappy cake. What a beauty!
In Kaye news, she continues to make slow improvement. It seems she'd like to talk, but is too weak to be able to do so and too weak even to swallow. I am so profoundly sad at this set back.


  1. I recognize those dollies! :o) Absolutely adorable.

    As always, we will continue the prayers for Kaye.

  2. yes, I now have a set of three little red-haired dollies in a picture with their dolls