Sunday, August 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Sweet Bean

Bean chose a day with a friend at the Science Center, with shopping in the gift shop for his birthday present. I planned it without realizing that "The Day" was also the the center's big Back to School Bash. I prefer not to do those activities, as they are usually very crowded, and the kiddos pushed through. I was pleasantly surprised that Bean and Raina were able to spend as much time as they wanted at each exhibit. Currently, the newest exhibit is all about music. They were able to listen to bird calls and all sorts of drums and flutes and bug noises, as well as regular ol' music. Bean has always amazed me at his ability to give his attention to things quite a bit over his little five year old head.
The stones on this xylophone were from a volcano, which is right up Bean's alley. They had a beautiful tone, but he was interested in knowing who got them, what volcano, where was the volcano, etc.

This exhibit was one of the big hits with both kids. They could make thunder, rain, animal sounds, and all different noises in there.

After the music exhibit, this was the next favorite activity. You build the building, then press either shake, rattle, or roll, and see how sound your structure was.
Raina putting the finishing touches on hers.
I wasn't sure if the IMAX production was going to be too scary, but Bean looked at the poster for Monsters of the Sea and said he wasn't concerned. As it turned out, he's read and watched enough about dinosaurs, that the material didn't frighten him.
Bean chose a science kit to make a volcano for his gift-imagine that.
It was a good day, except for leaving Miss Bugg in hysterics, which no amount of excuses of not having the stroller and her not enjoying what we'd be doing, or promises of taking her on her birthday would fix. Then I felt a little hysterical myself. I'm not in this grandparenting business to have unhappy babies. Looks like we both survived it however.
I spent the day making some rice/chix/vegie packs to add to Addie and Arwen's food. Now, I'm off to spend some time with the chickie girls.
I anxious to get my new class on Wednesday. We are going to have a blast.


  1. I heard all about the music and the movie. What cute pictures, and if it makes you feel any better, Miss Bug was better and distracted with chicken fingers not 2 minutes after we were back in the house.

  2. Well, no. I still hear her littlest sobs. Poor girl.
    Whaaaaa kindergarten.