Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mad Woman Hurls Monitor Out Window of Local Hospital

First let me apologize to all hospital staff who might be reading this.
Tuesday is my hospital day anyhow, so when I got the call about Kaye's situation, I headed down there as soon as I could after a meeting at school that was supposed to have been in the morning.
She was still in emergency, with a regular oxygen saturation monitor on her finger, yet again going off every 2 minutes. The nurse comes in with all new hook-ups and I say for the one millionth time, "She has Raynaud's Syndrome (notice that cold dead looking finger your sticking that on?)" " You have to use a pediatric monitor or put an ear one on her forehead."
Nurse Knows Better -" No, I just needed to change these wires, it's working fine now." She leaves, and what to my sensitive ears alarms, the monitor. A new nurse comes on and I repeat my sad tale for the one millionth and one time and still, nothing- Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.
So, I take it off and put it on my finger and that's where it stays until they move her upstairs.
Then, I tell the whole story again.
Honestly, I fear I will fling the thing out a window one of these days.
The infectious disease doc, nephrologist, neurologist, urologist and primary care guy, don't think it is a stroke, but another bad infection complicated by the use of a way wrong med for treating her pain.
Regardless of what it is, she's showing signs of pain and her muscles are spasming in her arms and legs. Otherwise, she is still unresponsive. They aren't giving her any pain medication and I'm feeling the need to just turn off all my feelers. I have muscle spasms and they are horrible. The thought of her just lying there and suffering that way is about more than my mind can stand. She has had dialysis, which always causes her pain to be worse anyway and it didn't help. Her blood pressure is still all over the place.
That weren't able to do the MRI until 4 this afternoon because of her nausea. So we know nothing for sure.
Pete is weary to the bone. I cannot understand how on one hand she can be so frail, and on the other keep living through all of these horrors. It is horrible and that's all.

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