Saturday, June 2, 2018

Slow But Sure, We Plod Along

Bit by bit, paste and putty and paint and all are bringing a bathroom into existence. Kaye always told me to plan on spending twice the money and the time you thought it would take.  She was certainly right, only I think we're working on about three times what I had hoped to spend.

 These guys have worked so hard.

 Michael escaped to a retreat. Captain had military duty and flew the coop.  Drummer Boy and Handy Man are finishing off the job.  Drummer Boy gave me his opinion of my caramel colored paint when he said I certainly picked the right room to put it in.  It never looks like the sample.  Hopefully, once all the shelves are in it won't look so poopy, ha!
Handy Man just realized something that should have been plugged under the house apparently isn't. The fun never ends with this ol' house.
Rae and Ol' Mother Hubbard will be coming tomorrow to help me with placement of shelves and pictures.
This bathroom has certainly been a ton of work for a lot of people. A labor of love.
Between trying to keep all workers and their wee ones fed and watered, I'm trying to pull my summer reading camp together.  As things go, that fierce tropical storm blew through and knocked down a big oak in the neighbors yard, taking out the electric, which didn't return for thirty hours, so cable, phone, etc. poof!  Menopause and no AC means no sleep.  Gee, we are spoiled.

Bean and Bugg came and spent the morning Friday to help me get ready for the woods camp.  We went up to prepare the woods room and discovered a downed ash tree.    So, had to rethink the whole deal.  We made a new path and got things ready to roll.  Last night Buttercup, Buttons, Blue Eyes and Pixie helped me wash down the yard toys. I hope the kiddos who are coming enjoy it as much as I have envisioned they will. 
Lord Bless us everyone!

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