Tuesday, June 19, 2018

At The Clinic

Well, I didn't exactly get any pictures of our day at the vet  clinic except of my cutie girl helpers who'd been in the tree fort treating various animals and children for some time.

I decided to take the group shot in the tree fort again.  Missing three of the original Playdaters, who've mostly outgrown Playdate- Whaaaaaaa.

 After the vet clinic closed and story and popsicles consumed, it was creek time.
Not my favorite creek find, but all part of the big picture, huh?

 This kiddo worked and worked, but finally unearthed the fossil he was digging up.

 An issue with every two year old who gets in the creek. What do you mean I can't drink the water?
 All afternoon long they switch play mates and make all kinds of fun of all kind of things.
 I was so happy and surprised by the Papa Bear of this group's visit.  Such a bunch of sweeties.
I spared you the picture of the vat of chicken noodles that could have fed an army.  A friend from school stopped by and I was happy to be able to send a meal to his family.  His baby boy has recently undergone heart surgery and recovery is slow.  If you would, please pray for Baby Kenneth.
Thank the Lord, no pop up storms of any kind today- Hurrah.  At the end of Playdate I'm about as tired as ever I am, but so grateful to God for such opportunities and happy, safe children- praise be.

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