Friday, December 22, 2017

Way Early Christmas

When Rae married, we moved our family Christmas to the Sunday before Christmas.  This year the Sunday before Christmas is Christmas Eve, our usual day with Mom.  That meant my little nest's celebration was moved back to last Sunday.  We weren't out of school yet, so it was quite a feat to get it all pulled together, but it happened. Lots of good food and fun and gifts galore.
The New Toy

Bean is nearly as tall as my tree.   I never get over my love of  Gramerlings in Christmas jammies.

When Bean was very small, Gardner E gave him a huge Ferdinand the Bull book.   Who knows why kids fall so completely in love with a book.  Turdeman, as he called it, was a favorite and we read it over and over and made up many stories.  In addition, she gifted him with a little cast iron bull that filled out the play.  Now, all the kids say, "Turdeman" and when you get to the part where he would just sit quietly and..... they say, "Mell the Towers," just like Bean did.  It is so hard to work around all of their schedules, but we finally hit upon a time for us to see the movie.  It was adorable. 
My little sassy pants was here too. Sadly, my sweet Giddy-up, who loves nothing better than an evening out with cousins, had a massive, scary ear infection blow-up out of nowhere and was too sick to attend.  Thank the Lord, he is on the mend.
This coming just after Phil's forty year old supervisor passing away from a tooth infection that went to his brain.  Terrifying.  Bless that poor family.
Wednesday evening some friend girls joined me for our church's Blue Christmas service.  It was so very sweet and sacred.
Today is Christmas with Ol' Mother Hubbard's kids, who are first helping me cook at the soup kitchen. I've managed to snag a nasty cold, but thankful it didn't take hold until school was out. So I will Christmas on.  All good wishes to you as you do the same.

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