Sunday, December 10, 2017

Christmassy Goodness

Ahh, yesterday was Christmassy sweet.  I started the day with a walk around downtown with my Holy Hike's group.  It was so very cold, but there was a bit of snow blowing and lots of pretty windows as we walked and prayed. 

 Everyone shared stories of a different downtown and what we remember of Christmas shopping when we were small.  Lots of laughter and prayers.
Next was a winter's nap.
Let's back up.  It had been a hectic week.  Wednesday night was the Christmas program.  Monday and Tuesday had been fraught with sound trouble. We always have sound trouble, but this was particularly awful.  My poor kids. Every practice they had to try a different configuration of mics till by Wednesday morning we were down to trying to unobtrusively pass around only two handheld mics, when miracles of miracles the seventh grade teacher got it all going. Thank you Jesus.  Just a little stress.
Then Thursday, I go straight from school to Mom.  She was better than two weeks ago, but not as good as last week.  Any change in her behavior has us on high alert.
Friday is usually Playdate, but I had been trying to get together with friends for supper and that was the only night between us we could manage.  I flew out of  school,  and Handy Man got off early too. I gave directions and he stepped in time and we had it done at 6:28.  It was so yummy.  I made a Chicken/cheese dish, a new roasted vegie recipe from Jacob, a potato galette that was beautiful, salad and bread, oh and bread pudding for dessert.  The company was delightful.
Needless to say, the preceding three days immediately came to mind when I said, "nap."
After the nap, Rae and the kids came for make-up Playdate.  I had a few little crafts I'd squirreled away.
The boys went from their own play to crafts, to outside snowflake observing to more play. 

Mr. Smiley remembered the kitchen appliances and sat at the table for over an hour completely absorbed in the mechanics of it all. 

So we ate leftovers and the bean soup I'd put in the oven before I left. 
This boy's happy place is a bag of chips as big as he is. He also ate two bowls of soup.
Rae helped me make fudge while we listened to Karin and Linford sing about Christmas.  When all the fudge was done we played a game.
After the littles were on their way, we put in movie, The Hobbit- I know, you are surprised. I made a huge bowl of popcorn and Handy Man and I snuck a piece of our favorite fudge- white toffee and black walnut respectively. Just lovely.
I have said before and was reminded again this evening, I am just not a solitary person.  We didn't really do anything particularly amazing. There was no big agenda.  I am a working person, I do not mind working, actually I'm not happy for long if I don't have something meaningful to do.  I don't like working by myself though.  Usually the fudge making means hours in the kitchen with just my own company, so it is a chore.  Yesterday, with the littles making merry around our feet and all of us chatting and singing, it was a joy.  Thank you Lord for the joy.
I've been tutoring every morning ( fourteen kids) with some help, though the planning is all my responsibility.  The reading assessments are coming in and are very encouraging I'm happy to say.   That might make it a bit easier leaving so early on these cold dark mornings.
Today is Mom Sunday. I need to make some bows for church this morning, so I best be getting to it.

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