Sunday, November 5, 2017

Fall Back

I feel like I've fallen back a little.
We spent yesterday at a swim meet and watched  Bean and Bugg do their fish thing and do it well.
In the evening we headed to high school to see our Nick in "Newsies" and it was all kinds of amazing.
I got a call this morning at 1:00 that they were sending Mom to the hospital, the one closest to me. She was having trouble breathing.  I woke myself up and Handy Man and I made ready to head out, but before we got out the door, another phone call, she was in heart failure and they were going to the closer hospital.
It turns out she has pneumonia and a raging UTI.  She had to make a stop in ICU and now a step down to TCU. They expect she'll be there a couple of days for the IV antibiotic to take affect and then, oh happy day, they'll transfer her back to the nursing home facility.  Ugh.  The last time was a most unpleasant experience.
Just say  ICU to me and more memories than I care to have come rushing back like the wind.
It was funny, the nurse asked what they do for her in assisted living, ahem, it is more like what little they do compared to what we do.  It did make me feel good that she was surprised what great shape her skin is in.  She commented that she was in better shape then people twenty to thirty years her junior on the floor.  I didn't say, but certainly thought, "Girl, you have no idea how well I know, having gone down that awful road with Kaye, Jimi and Glenda."
We've tried multiple things to deal with her severe shaking.  They plan to call in a neurologist to see if there is something that hasn't been tried already.
Needless to say, she's not a happy girl when hospitalized and it looks like ten more days of unhappy ahead, so I feel sure she'd appreciate prayers, cards, visits, you know.
I've been doing stuff with kids, but not photographing much or writing about it.  Drummer Boy and family came for a visit last Saturday morning and we were due our first big frost that evening. The kids and I tramped around the yard to collect all the flowers we could find. They went home with three beautiful bouquets.  It was a great visit.
I pulled out the dregs of the chalkboard experiment after doing it with Bean and Bugg and  my students and had enough for Giddy- Up, Mr. Smiley and Sassy Pants to give it a go.  Kids just love that stuff.

 We thought we'd be in a new house for Ol' Mother Hubbard's traditional Halloween affair, but not quite yet. Her new home is coming along.

It was a big time.
It seems strange that the week of the Veteran's Day program at school always seem fraught with difficulty.  Just do the next thing and pray for grace.


  1. I hope your Mom is doing better. Mine spent last week in the hospital and while she is home now things don't look good. Praying for you and your Mom and mine. Love the pictures! THey sure are growing!

    1. Oh dear, I'm sorry to hear that. Will add you and your Mom to my prayers.