Sunday, October 15, 2017

Farewell Fall Break

So, a sad so long to a great break.  Monday some of the gang came and we had a fun day painting faces, holding chickens, driving around the yard, tools and old lawnmower disassembly, the creek and sharing laughs and chicken and dumplings.  The big ones have taken over painting of the each other and the littles ones with some very interesting results, let me just say.

On Friday I pulled out the cookbooks and did some experimenting with a few Asian recipes.  Rae's family came out to sample my wares and we all liked everything.  Handy Man and I had it again today and most of the remains went in his lunch.  
Saturday was gorgeous and this month Holy Hikes was at my favorite little spot in the road, Hemlock Cliffs.  Today was a listening session with our new bishop, and between that and church I was gone most of the day.
I did get a few things accomplished. My frig and pantry are in much better shape and the laundry is caught up.  It is a wild ride these next nine weeks with lots of big things happening in my classroom as usual.  Hope I'm ready for it.

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  1. Love all the cute smiles and colorful hair-dos! You are so lucky to have so many of them.