Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Buttercup Saturday

Saturday was Buttercup's Date Day and she wanted the same experience as her brother, only coconut cream pie instead of rice krispie treats.  Since Blue Eyes was here the cotton candy machine arrived, and she was most interested in that.
It was a circuitious kind of day.
The mixer went round and round to make the pie.

 After a little fishing trip with Pap, we rolled up some sushi which she promptly ate up.  We made a extra to take home.
 Some twirling practice.  I think she perfected this through practice as the day went on.

 Then it was time to spin and take a bath in sawdust.

One more roll to make.

 Pretty girl.
While she was fishing, she paused for some collecting.  Seed pods to make fairy dolls and moss she collected to make me a hot pad.  Be still my heart.  I'm so very thrilled at the amount of time my grandchildren spend outdoors with their wild imaginations and creativity.

Rae reported that her patio was turned into a rock museum last week.  You could look and take photographs apparently, but no touching allowed- love it.
Sunday Mom celebrated her 89th birthday.  I brought Giddy-Up and Missy Bugg home with me.  Those two play so well together.  And Missy Bugg can match Buttercup in cotton candy making.

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