Saturday, December 3, 2016

Where Was I

Crazy holidays means I don't always get pictures and am always late to post the ones I do catch.   Thanksgiving has come and gone, and today already the Gingerbread Party.

I always try to have a craft handy for kids on Thanksgiving. These "no sew" diy fleece scarves popped up on fb and I thought that it was doable, cute, and something the kids could actually use.

They were happy with them, but they were just too big. Next time I'll try a smaller circle.  I love this picture with them all lined up.

 The food was yummy. The weather mild enough for Rae to use her breezeway and for the kids to play outside.
 Michael's parents were able to join us before they fly over the pond to Amsterdam to see their girl and four grands they are missing.  I pray they have a safe a lovely trip.

This child and my glasses.

In between, one thing and another,  I took Mr. Smiley and our new little Wayside Posey, Giddy-Up and Bugg to see Moana. It was a first for the little ones.  We went out to eat before Pap had to go to work, then Bugg and I braved a new world with them.  They were very nearly perfect.  They loved the movie and I did too.  You might know any movie with an influential ol' granny is good with me.  Then Ceece's sister delivered our latest baby. A whopping ten pound girl, with a head of black hair, looking like baby Moana.  I can't wait to give her a squeeze.
Missy Bugg is such a great holiday help all the way around. She helped me sort and stuff the Advent Calendars, then she and Bean came back to help me get the tree decorated before today's party.

I'm directing the Christmas play at school.

 I needed some wooden critters and I looked and looked, but couldn't find any I was willing to pay so much for, so I traced some on paper and Handy Man cut them out and Uncle Jimi wood burned some features at a recent Playdate and they are perfect.

 Giddy-Up was interested in trying his hand at wood burning too.

Mr. Smiley is too wee for wood burning, but old enough to toot his own horn.

They just grow and grow and grow. Each one bright and beautiful and I thank the Lord for them!


  1. The no sew fleece scarfs look cool- really warm! I will have to try these myself. Your Thanksgiving looks like a family filled day. The wooden animals you made look terrific.

    1. For that many, the cutting was a job, but otherwise it was a great ,easy and useful craft. I did smaller circles with the next group and like them much better.