Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Gingerbread House Number 31

I think it is Number 31, but I've lost count.  The houses actually went together perfectly this year. You think perhaps I would have figured perfection out long before now, but alas, no.  I usually have a big gap somewhere on the sides or with the roof, but this year it all worked, thank the Lord.  I have Mom on Thursday and,of course, it was a Soup Kitchen Friday, so I didn't have a lot of time for fooling around.
The little ones are excited to decorate, but not quite as excited as they are to have access to all that candy.

 The big ones, particularly this one, who is now taller than me, want to eat breakfast and stick a thing or two on a house for old time's sake.

 Always a good time for a story.

 Jakester keeps coming back, but he doesn't make houses anymore, just eats and gives us a squeeze
Look at these handsome young men. Well, one of them must have a little age with all that white hair.

 I wonder how many different configurations this nativity has been through.
 Sydlee too has outgrown her gingerbread days, but she did fashion this lovely snowman scene.
It was a big time.


  1. I can hear the kids as I am looking at your images- and they sound like they are having so much fun! Makes me want to make gingerbread houses next year with my grandchildren.

    1. They are all still somewhat mesmerized by all that candy.