Saturday, May 14, 2016

Long Time No See

Gee, April 29th I was last here.  May pulls me in so many directions.  School obligations are amped up, I want so much to be outdoors playing in the dirt, and so many outside activities to choose from, baby chicks to tend and on and on.
Mother's day came and went. I visited Mom on  that Saturday, took her breakfast.  She's thrilled to be back in her apartment and three tests indicate the evil UTI has retreated and we pray it stays gone.
On Sunday, after church, the kids all came for dinner and play.  Rae took me to see the new Jungle Book.
Jungle Book was my first movie/theater experience, brought to me on my birthday by Kaye and remains my favorite Disney movie.  The visuals were amazing, but I was surprised at how dark it was.  The old one remains my choice.
I was treated to a pre-show Man Cub party by Ol' Mother Hubbard.
My goodness- looked exactly like something I might do.

Fun times!

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  1. 4 more Mondays! It is our chant around here. It has been crazy busy and will only get worse before it is over. Glad you got a minute to post the fun!