Friday, April 29, 2016

Big Life

Isn't life big sometimes?  April and May are more crowded then December around here.  There is so much stuff on the calendar and then always some unscheduled thing gets thrown in, and I just have more on my plate then I can manage well.

For years and years we had no spring birthdays at all. It was long stretch till Handy Man's end of May celebration.  Then, the last four Gramerlings came one after another in a three week period, so we've been celebrating birthdays like crazy.

Giddy-up turned five and was most excited about his new ride.

Our little brown eyed Buttons turned four.

Oh, my where is our Baby Mr. Smiley, who is soon to be two?

And look at our least Pixie who is one today!

 Rae's new place was fun inside and out.  We treed some interesting creatures.

Mom's part time care taker sadly lost her son, and has been gone to Oregon for two weeks, so Saturday was my day.  Mom came to the party for about an hour and a half and is enjoying pancake number four here.

Though we gave a stubborn UTI our best effort, after two oral antibiotics and ten painful injections, it continued to rage.  They will not do IV meds in assisted living, so on Tuesday we had to move her to the nursing facility until she's had ten days of the new treatment.  I look around and wonder if any person who is old and unable to manage their own full time care had any part in the decisions made at these places. Her room is tiny, she has no recliner type chair, they not only had no meds ready for her on Tuesday evening, but none Wednesday morning either.  I'm not allowed to shower her there, so I told them we'd just have bird baths and they aren't allowed to shower her either.  It is a sad place. She hates it, says it is the worst place she's ever been in. 
So, in addition to birthday fun and Mom not-fun, I've had ISTEP and baby chickens and a big yard and lots of other stuff.  
Friday finds me tired, but hopefully, I'll be in a better, more rested frame tomorrow.

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  1. Things have been hectic for you. I can't believe how much Mr. Smiley has grown, I think he is growing faster than any of the rest of them and they grow pretty darned fast! Hope your testing is done soon -- is testing ever over these days?