Saturday, February 13, 2016

Valentine Festivities

Tuesday was Playdate and our Valentine Ball.  Miss Bugg had decorated it up nicely and we had a new picture curtain that again had us all cracking up. It was a big time.

Spaghetti and red punch (from cranberry juice).  

 My attempt at using raspberry puree to make pink cupcakes was a fail.  They were grey.  Thankfully it worked on the icing.

This picture makes me want to break out into, "Well, it's those bear necessities...."
 And this picture of Mr. Smiley just makes me laugh.
You will notice a new friend in the mix.  A teacher friend who has looked forward to being a mom for a very long time is now doing exactly that with this sweet little boy.  He just jumped in the fray like he'd always been here.

Gwanfader has been snowed under with work this winter. We were glad he and SweeTee and Wee Will were able to join the fun.

Attending the ball were a few scary rock and roll people.

 Bean grabbed the camera for this one. He has the camera in the normal position, which doesn't work well for a curtain background, so I smile and yell, "Turn the camera!"  Smile, "Turn the camera!"  Smile. It finally registered and we got this one picture with all of us, long after everyone but me had stopped smiling.  Too funny.

Bean is too big for the Ball, boo hoo.  Thankfully he likes to eat, so I'm guessing that will always be a draw.
Wondering how much snow we'll get for Happy Heart Day tomorrow.  Remembering how snowy it was yesterday a year ago, hoping I'd get down the hill for Auntie G-Lou's surgery without incident.
Her son-in-law, Anthony is not doing well, cancer too.  I 'm so sad for my niece to have this awful cancer business twice in a year.  I'm sure they would appreciate your prayers.


  1. I absolutely loved seeing all the smiles in this post! Will keep your niece in my prayers. Take care.

  2. I just love all your pictures! Makes my face hurt from smiling. It is amazing how much they have grown. Happy Belated Valentine's Day!

    1. I know, can't slow em' down no matter how hard I try.