Wednesday, February 3, 2016

About Through It

Catholic Schools Week is just flat out tiresome.  I was at work until nine last Friday, being teacher at the Talent Show. Sunday was service at church followed by Open House- an Open House I put a lot into and I had one family visit my room. Well there is all that overtime pay-ha, ha.
Here are there American Revolution Tavern signs and some of their knitting.

Their Revolutionary Replicas turned out well.

They did so well with scarves and headbands, Gardner E.  got them started on hearts last week.


During this week, we go out and serve somewhere in the community.  I asked the activity director at Mom's new place if the kids could come and sing and sign. As she was telling what activities there were on what days, she mentioned a knitting circle.  The knitters there knit tiny caps for NICU babies, headbands for the cancer center and scarves and hats for homeless folk.  So, we took our knitting and went and knitted with them.

I tell you, it was the sweetest thing. She told me there are usually six. Well there were about twelve ladies knitting and others just came to visit, including Mom.  Before we left, they sang and signed "How Great Thou Art" and "Biblicious."  It was a good time for all.

So, tomorrow night I'll fix a birthday supper for the Captain, then Pajama Day on Friday, oh my.  Two more days, I can do this.


  1. While it does sound exhausting it also sounds wonderful. I bet those residents were so glad to see young faces and to interact with them. You did a really good thing!

    1. It did turn out to be a lovely experience for everyone I think. Even those that showed up just to hang out.

  2. How sweet to see them all knitting together...