Thursday, November 19, 2015


Where does the time go?  Do you have it?
I've been busy.
Veteran's Day was a huge success.  Bittersweet. We're down to only two WWII Veterans, but so glad to have had them and the many others.  An appreciative bunch, I'll tell ya.
We got moved Mom moved down the hall and I feel like it is a better fit.  Very, very slowly she's meeting people and involving herself just a bit.  I'm going to try and speed that up some by having a Christmas Tea the evenings I'm there.  People will usually come when that cinnamon roll smells start floating down the hall.
 This past Saturday I brought her out here to sit a bit on the porch and feed the chickens.

So, let's see. Over the weekend we went to visit an Open House with Rae as my sweet Giddy-Up turns five in the spring.  We had a file cabinet to deliver, so we headed to Rae's first.  In a recent library book, Giddy-up saw the plans for a popcorn box and took it upon himself to gather up the supplies and create one himself.
He isn't finished, but for Mr. Four, I was mightily impressed.  Then we headed to the school.
Be still my heart.  If there had been a creek and a goat I would've insisted on coming to work there.  It is school just like I think school should be done when you are five.  Lots of movement, lack of worksheets, lots of rhyming and art. Yes!

I pray that boy ends up in a school like that.  I wish it was his Gramerly's school.

Then I went to see a local artist who embroiders quilts.  I wasn't allowed to take any close up pictures, but this man's works is rather amazing.
 He goes into inner city schools, teaching kids to stitch and working on promoting a good work ethic.  His motto, "Patience and perseverance, with faith in God, will result in excellence."  Yes, and amen!
Earlier in the week we enjoyed Playdate.

Yes, thank you, I would love another cookie.

Tonight Bean came for a visit. We needed to winterize the bees, so I had suited him up to help.
 I love that we've had bees and bunnies and chickie girls for them to love.

Speaking of chicks, I was looking out the window the other day and about had heart failure when I realized that wasn't a chicken, but a hawk sitting right outside.  I grabbed the camera, but the movement had him take off.  I knew they were nesting at the top of the hill, but it's the first I've seen one just sitting in the yard.

Handy Man says he isn't big enough to carry off the big chickens, but he could probably get Cinderella, ugh.  She molted and has since grown some amazing foot feathers. Thankfully, that coloring is protective.

Later, Pap gave  his old knife  to Bean and showed him how to sharpen it.

This boy has an endless appetite for knowledge.
Two swim meets this weekend and the big fundraiser for the school, so another very full weekend.
Hope your's is peaceful.

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  1. I absolutely do not have the time! I thought you took it! I can not get caught up on anything! But like you I've been having lots of fun. LOVE the photo of the bee keeper holding a chicken! So sweet. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!