Monday, November 10, 2014

What is it about November?

Tomorrow my fifth grade students will serve our veterans breakfast and we will again honor them with song and essays.
I feel a sort of wrung out dishragishness, don't ya know.
But there is grace for another Veteran's Day.
In November  2011, I had just lost my sister.
In November 2012, my son was in Afghanistan
In November 2013, I had finally stopped after twenty five days of fever, but was still just weak and tired
Now, this November my brother is in intensive care.  Well, actually, by tomorrow he may be out of intensive care. Still, it is hard to see him so weak and confused, battling a high fever, high everything except hemoglobin.
And my good friend's son, lost his father in a tragic car accident. Arie was my sweet, gentle helper summer before last and I am so very sad for him. He loved his dad so.

Life is just hard sometimes.  All about perspective isn't it?  After I've spent a day with Jimi and someone voices some trivial complaint, I want to put them immediately in their place, tell how things could be.  That isn't kind and won't change my circumstance any, so I refrain.
I pray and read scripture and read other people's prayers when I run dry. And the strength to press on is there.
Do you know a veteran?  Don't forget to give them a big hug and thank you.
Off to start churning out those beloved cinnamon rolls one more time.


  1. Arie will love this...thanks for posting.

  2. I am sorry you are having such a difficult November. I'm sending you some extra energy and hugs. Hope it will help you get through the difficult days. I love the idea of your 5th graders serving the Veterans. Amara and I took Grampy to lunch yesterday to say thank you to him. Veterans Day always makes me miss my Dad who was so proud that he could get his Navy uniform on and march in the parade for so many years.

  3. :-( So sorry you're going through all this. November can be a beautiful month, but it can also be very bleak, as well.