Saturday, November 15, 2014

I Love to Laugh, Ha, Ha, Ha

Looking for a laugh this morning before heading to the hospital. And this picture does it for me every time.  Oh Missy Bugg, what tasty toes you have. That face is priceless.

Seriously son, we have a few better options

These photos were from a way back Playdate in mid October, when I was on fall break.  It has so seldom ever rained enough to interfere with outside play on Playdate that I hadn't thought much about indoor plans until they started headed in the door all drippy.  I remembered that Gardener E had shared a couple of novelty items with me as she was cleaning.  Two banks. One with a dancing Choo, Choo and a little apple with a worm that pops out to grab their penny.  My boy wasn't interested in removing his fireman rain gear, but was completely enthralled with the banks, as were all the others.  I had to empty the pennies back into the penny bucket when they filled it up.

Some time on a shopping trip I came across a one of those thing-a-ma-jigs that cut paper into specific shape and it happens those shapes were autumnish.  At school we use a big Ellison press. This is a small version, so I went and dug it out and with some paper and a glue stick we made a big paper nest of fall goodness.

  While we're snipping and gluing away, our attention was turned to our big boy's riotous laughter.
 I've written here before about the little scrapbooks of letters and and pictures chronicling those early Playdates with two tiny boys.  Bean was reading one of letters I wrote about them riding around on in that ol' truck, talking to other truckers on the CB.  So sweet. Ol' Henry thought his two year old chatter was hilarious.

I don't know if an adult was this tiny, or if this was a "junior" bridesmaid dress, but both Ceece with Bugg and Ol' Mother Hubbard with Antebellie had the exact same  startled response when they walked out in perfectly fitted finery, "Umm, why does that fit you?" With that play hat plunked on her head, I don't know, I just LOVE this picture of her cuteness.

The first three days of this week were just horrific.  Jimi was moved to Kindred and there was a huge, unfortunate debacle with his meds that left him in terrible, terrifying shape and us in his wake.  By Wednesday at 7, he was moved back to ICU and in an hour and a half they had turned things completely around.  Yesterday he washed his own face, told mom he loved her and maybe gets to try and sit up in a chair today.  Hallelujah.  Now, all that being said, we're moving out of ICU again.  Lord, please let this go more smoothly than last week!

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  1. LOVE all the photos but that first one and last one! Glad the week ended better than it started and I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you. 2014 has not been a healthy year for way too many people! I will be glad to see it over with.