Thursday, October 23, 2014

Playdates are Still Happening

In trying to store all the special date nights in the archives, I've neglected a few Playdates.  We have a wild time around these parts I'm telling you.
We still had no new shipment of beef and the neighbor, God love him, told Handy Man he'd get him a deer.  Handy Man said, "That would be great, but get what you want first."  Said neighbor texted Handy Man on Monday and said to procure a license ASAP, which involved me, since it involved a computer and printer, then the meat man called and said he was bringing the beef, then 1st Lt. had to be called because we don't know beans about dressing a deer, anyway, and the meat man came with the beef. Monday was wild.  1st Lt. returned on Playdate night to grind the venison and, as stated above, Playdate is always wild.
At Playdate, 1st Lt had his trusty sidekick to help.  Bean throughly enjoyed his fall break trip ocean fishing and catching lots of fish with Oma and Opa.  So happy that it turned out well.  Last year's trip was cut short and Oma ended up in the hospital and has just had one tough ol' time of it. This year was ever so much better.

 We do things right at Cluckingham Palace.  Eggs are gathered by a beautiful princess in a hiked up ball gown and to the tune of a harmonica.
 Chicken back rides (Giddy-up's term instead of piggy-back) are a sporting event.
 There are still a few flowers in the garden. Missy Bugg gathered and arranged them. So lovely.
 Giddy-up need some jeep time, but it was getting cool, so I grabbed whatever I could easily to protect Mr. Smiley's ears and hands.  He loves, loves, loves watching his brother's antics.  Plus he was full of a nectarine he'd been gnawing on for a half hour- cutest punkin'.
 Then  this afternoon, I wondered how a picture of the eclipse would turn out.  Now I know.

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  1. I think that Giddy-Up was serenading the chickens! LOVE Mr. Smiley's smiles!