Thursday, October 16, 2014

Entertainment Continues

Okay, I've lost count of which date night this is.  After being entertained all weekend, we had one more night of smile and laughs with Miss Linee.
Since I hadn't been to  the grocery and Handy Man isn't crazy about spaghetti, after picking her up, we stopped at Spaghetti Shop and picked up her ordered supper. Are you proud of me.  That is just something I would usually never do. I must be getting old.  She didn't seem to miss my cooking.
This child never stops talking and she is just so funny.
Her Grandad has a farm and sheep.  She asked if I had learned of the terrible farm event.  I said that I had heard it mentioned.  She responded, "Well, I'll tell you the story. Well, what I know of it." And she did, with much emphasis.
Charlie Gladheart gave my grandad a ram.  It just attacked grandad and hurt his leg and it bled and we called an ambulance and he had to get stitches.  Now, here's the bad part, he is OLD. My Aunt Glenda already takes care of my gram and now she's taking care of Grandad, and I just hope he can walk again and be okay.And, well I said something I shouldn't say, but just to my dad, but I'm going to tell you too- I hate that ram.

I don't blame you little Linee, that was a scary scene for you to witness, especially from critters you've only known as gentle.

Poor Pap had to work late, so we ventured into the woodshop for the saw. I thought I could remember what we used with Bugg and could at least have the limb cut for the supports. You would think they are entering a great temple of some sort.  Every kid walks in slow, holding their breath, in awe of being in the "forbidden place."  So fun.
In addition to being known for being Miss Personality, I also know her to be just a bit, ahem,  impulsive, so Linee and saws caused me a bit of angst.
I was hyper alert and we made it through the date with no bloodshed. Thank you Jesus!

Next, time to take care of the critters.  I told her she must have brought us good luck, because that was a record number of eggs in a very long time.

We grabbed some supplies and headed to the tree fort for a little autumn art.  Any of this sound familiar-ha! She told me, "I love nature, it is so precious."  Indeed.

She wanted to learn new Jesus songs on the guitar.  Ugh, well I had to confess that I really was not the person to teach her a song on the guitar.  "That's okay," says she, "I'll teach you."  Well then.  I did tell her I could teach her the song her Granny loved and teach her to sign, "You are My King."  She was satisfied, so we sang all evening.

As we prepared to do the art, she reminded me that she wasn't the artist in Ol' Mother Hubbard's cupboard- that was Antebellie.  I told her you didn't have to be great at art to enjoy it and I thought we'd enjoy doing art together.  She said, "Okay, maybe you can teach Antebellie to sing."  Oh lands, those times when you fight everything in you to not bust out in giggles.

She also ordered reading together, for which I am ever happy to oblige.  We chose Ms. Gardner E's gift of Flicka, Ricka and Dicka and the Big Red Hen.  There is an old Swedish Auntie in the book, so when I read her part, I tried to do an old Swedish accent.  Actually, I have no idea what an old Swedish woman might sound like, but Linee, she was impressed.  When I noted that a paragraph had first grade vocabulary, I pointed to her to read.  Well, one of those lines was the old auntie. She didn't miss a beat, but did her best imiation of me and cracked herself up, which in turn caused me to laugh.  She then said, "Well, I'm doing my best."  "Girl," said I, "I'm not laughing at your accent, I'm laughing at you laughing."  So, we laughed some more.  We love that book.

Finally, time to fix Pap some supper.  She successfully washed and cracked all nine eggs for the fritatta.

  I spilled some onion peel on the floor and she exclaimed, "How about we clean this place up for a change?"  More suppression of giggles.  Ahh sweet girl, if you only knew-cleaning takes place often, but obviously, not so anyone would notice.

Pap was impressed with her culinary skills and she enjoyed her spaghetti.
 It was off to the fishing hole.

Pappy reported that casting was the joy of the trip. She didn't leave the line in the water long enough to catch anything. This did not surprise me.

Now to the woodshop to create a tiny fairy fort.

She too, was fairly intrigued with the whole procedure and wanted to help with everything.

Then back inside for speedy fairy doll creations.

I had hoped to hot glue a hat and flower petal skirt, with leaves for wings.  Miss Linee had a very different idea.  These particular fairies would need to change hats and outfits often, so no gluing on hats, which meant they needed hair (back upstairs). I told her I wasn't sure how the wings would hold up, changing petal dresses all the time.  Pap saved the day by suggesting the obvious- put wings on the petal dresses.  That Pap is a genius.

Riiiiiinnnnnnngggggggg.  I knew who that was before the weird voice announced the caller.  Ol' Mother Hubbard was calling to tell me to get that little missy home.  Whoops.  Just call me Auntie Mame.  Two minutes for two more outfits and we were on our way.  A good time was had by all.

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  1. What a sweet little girl -- she has the best smile! Sure looks like she had fun and I love her little attitude! The colored leaves in the background of the casting picture are just spectacular! I do miss fall.