Friday, August 1, 2014

Back At It

Ahhhh, Friday.  First week of school down. Already behind on everything else.
So let's wrap up that last Playdate, finally.  Mr. Smiley thought it was time to venture down to the creek

He was as smitten with all the poopies flitting about and the breeze and leaves and the water as the rest of his cousins have been.

I've never known that mulberry to produce as long as it did this year.  This little missy never got her fill.

From quite a cutie to a stunning beauty.

Missy Toddles turned six months, so it was time for her tub pictures.  She loved splashing and entertaining us with her sparkling eyes and darling dimples and dancing eyes.

 So ends our long summer Playdates of 2014.  Miss Glitzy and I are already missing them.

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  1. Those tub pictures would make anyone smile! So sweet and of course the mulberry face is very cute, too! I'm sorry your summer has had to come to an end. Hope it is a good school year. We have until 9/2 before she goes back.