Friday, July 25, 2014

Slide Right On Over

So, as I was saying, after the cardboard had been configured 27 different ways, and the heat and humidity showed no signs of slowing as Playdate progressed, it was time to cool things off a bit. Miss Jenna said a plastic tarp, water and dish liquid spelled fun.  I was game.

Can I just say, I spent the next forty minutes holding the hose and fervently praying that this little adventure didn't land someone in the emergency room.
You learn pretty fast in these situations.
For instance, you start the baby in the middle of slide so the sled (Bean) can maintain control on the track.

Enough with the soap already, these children are air borne .

Ummm, if you are under ten, no running and jumping on the slide. You don't weigh enough and I don't want to be dashing about to fetch your mangled self from the creek when you've been shot headlong out of my yard, or worse the tree before the creek.  It is too hot for all that  business.

 Let's see, what gets you where you want to go, belly, bums, the side slide?

What my sweet cherubs found completely hysterical, I found completely terrifying.

A barrier to stop flying children from crashing into a stump saw the end to the most used toys of the day.  I would say those swing boxes served us well.
Umm, ladies and gentlemen, can we bring things down just a notch and have a story?
Thank you Lord, nothing broken, but those boxes!


  1. Those are just some of the best smiles ever! Those kids are having the time of their lives and you captured it so well! Playdates at your house really are the best!

  2. oh my gosh, we were all laughing by the end!

  3. we did that the last two summers in our front much fun! although i tired quickly of holding the hose...if you do it next summer, have Phil rig you up a post type deal to hold the hose. toney was going to make one for us, but we didn't have time to put out our slip & slide this summer. it was a wonderful, crazy, busy time!